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Shree Navgrah Raksha Kavach Yantra Pendent/Locket in Brass
  • Shree Navgrah Raksha Kavach Yantra Locket Helps In All Directions In Your Life
  • By worshipping one can remove stress, anxiety and other obstacles in life. It blesses the worshipper with fame, power, authority, financial gain professional success, peace and harmony.
  • Material: Brass
  • You can wear it or it can be placed in Temple at home, on Your Worktable, in Your Shop, Office, Godown, Warehouse. Also this is great for gifting to someone in need.
  • Mantra: Om Suryaaye Namah, Om Chandraye Namah,Om Budhaye Namah,Om Brihaspataye namah,Om mangalye Namah,OmShukraye Namah,Om Shanaye Namah,Om Rahave Namah,Om Ketave Namah,Om Navgrihaya Namah.