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BA Cum Product Owner Training And Job Placement
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?BA cum Product Owner training certification

This 2-day instructional course gives members a foundational comprehension of Agile and Scrum and in addition particular learning about the duties and aptitudes expected to prevail in the Product Owner part. The class organization is a mix of presentation and iterative exercises to advance member engagement and comprehension.

Course outline:

Ø  Overview of the Scrum Framework

Ø  Agile – What is it and Why is it Helpful  

Ø  The BA/Product Owner Responsibilities

Ø  Product Backlog Management and

Ø  Writing Effective User Stories

Ø  during Scrum Events  Prioritization  How to Engage with Stakeholders,

Ø  Providing Vision, Clarity, and Motivation

Ø  Customers, and End Users  to the Team  Longer Term Planning

Ø  Product Owner Challenges

Ø  Becoming a Product Owner


Who should attend?

This course will be most helpful to people who are in the part of a Scrum Team. It is perfect for BA's Product Owners who are new to the part, those Product Owners requiring a refresher, and the business investigators, topic specialists and administrators in the association who need to comprehend the Product Owner part.


Ø  Designed to be delivered to a group of 10 to 20 participants

Ø  Courses are delivered at your facilities

Ø  This 2-Day course includes numerous hands-on exercises


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